Welcome to the Prescott Municipal Airport Master Plan website. The City of Prescott is undertaking this effort to provide a guidebook for future development of the Prescott Municipal Airport. This effort will include the participation of the City of Prescott, Arizona Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, other state and regional government organizations, the community, and airport stakeholders and uses.

Over the next 18 months, the Master Plan team will develop a plan that will ensure that the City and Airport have a realistic, flexible, and sustainable program to meet the aviation needs of the region.
Topic 1
A Regional Vision
Ernest A. Love Field


About the Master Plan

The last airport master plan for Prescott Municipal Airport was completed in 2010. Much has changed in the time since the previous master plan was initiated in 2007. These changes include the following:

This comprehensive master plan will take into account the changes in the aviation industry to help guide the future of the Airport. The Master Plan will provide an airfield development plan based on short (1-5 years), intermediate (6-10 years), and long-term (11-20 years) demand levels. Final results of the study may also recommend development considerations that extend far beyond the 20 year planning period.

The planning process will result in an approved Airport Layout Plan (ALP) which is a graphical representation of existing and proposed airport facilities (runways, taxiways, parking apron, terminal building, etc.). The ALP drawing set outlines the airfield development plan and must be kept current as significant changes occur.

We want the community to be informed about the planning process and we welcome public comments and concerns. In addition to this website, ‘Public Open House’ sessions will be scheduled during the course of the project to help the community gain a complete understanding of the project.