Topic 1
A Regional Vision
Ernest A. Love Field


The Master Plan Advisory Committee (MPAC) consists of members from the region supporting Prescott Municipal Airport (PRC). Members include representatives of the local governments and a select group of citizens. These members will provide local insight as well as be a link between their respective citizens and the planning team. Click here for a list of the MPAC members.

In addition of the MPAC, there is an Airport Managerís Aviation Working Group (AMAWG). This group consists of industry and aviation experts with technical expertise and neighborhood and non-governmental groups. Members include representatives from commercial airline, airport leaseholders, general aviation users, local homeowners, and federal agency representatives. This group will provide the planning team with first hand operational and technical expertise specific to PRC. Click here for a list of the AMAWG members.

While recommendations from the public, the Master Plan Advisory Committee and the Airport Managerís Aviation Working Group will be considered by the Master Plan team, the City and the Airport are responsible for development decisions.
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